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We model enterprise development and skills to encourage local business growth.

Rediscover Appalachia is focused on creative place-making and steeped in arts and culture. We develop small businesses designed to attract new visitors to the region and showcase our skilled craftsmanship, hospitality, and innovative use of spaces. Saw’s Edge Woodshop, opened in July of 2015, is a living classroom where trainees learn fine woodworking techniques and visitors can learn alongside them.  Betty and Joe’s Trout’s Hill Coffee Shop is a community-supported coffee shop in a small town eager for new business. The West Edge Factory is a 96K ft building that had once employed over 1000 people, but after closing, had sat in ruin for more than a decade. Now, West Edge is the center for Rediscover Appalachia and a welcoming place for entrepreneurs, artists, and community.

We measure success according to the triple bottom line.





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Pride in Work
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For about a year and a half, Matthew Allen Hensley, 22, of Ranger, Lincoln County, has been busy crafting a variety of high-quality, handcrafted home decor…

Quality Jobs
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The centerpiece of Coalfield’s operation is its Quality Jobs Initiative (QJI), a program that employs local youth – recent high school graduates to those in their twenties – to be boots on the ground for the organization’s…

Theory of Change
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Without spirit, without willpower, without opportunities for overcoming structural barriers, a full life feels unattainable. It is the Coalfield Development Corporation’s belief that the cause of so many woes…

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